About Macau
Visa Requirement
Smart Shopping Tips
Useful Telephone Number
Smart Shopping Tips

  • Shop at authorized and accredited agents in order to avoid fraud.
  • Ask the price for every item whenever you are purchasing or dining out, and make sure that it is quoted in Patacas but not US dollars.
  • When buying Chinese herbs and gold, check the unit price and the way in which the weight is calculated (Liang or Jin, tael and catty).
  • Make sure that the receipt has complete details of the purchased product, and there is an explicit statement of a refund or exchange policy.
  • Verify the respective slip is completely filled in with the exact amount if the payments are made by credit card. Keep a record of the payment slip.
  • Join the tours with licensed tour operators only.
  • Certain taxi drivers may suggest visitors to go a particular restaurant or shop which offers more discounts. Please do not believe them since visitors may have to pay a higher price or an unnecessary commission.
  • Report any suspected fraud or complaint to the corresponding department. All the information will be processed confidentially.

Consumer Council Hotline: (853) 8988 9315
Tourist Hotline: (853) 2833 3000 (24Hrs)